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A cultural revolution has taken place over the last three decades with very little resistance. Our schools have become instilled with this new, "improved" perspective, our laws have been written to enshrine it and our judges, churches and our courts have all been affected by our new way of seeing life in America. We might call this the "PC" culture I guess, for lack of a better descriptor. But we all have witnessed this new era in America's culture.

It's been a "soft" revolution with much optimism and hope for the future, accompanied by a scoffing at any attempt to hearken back to the "old" ways. And a sure by-product of this has been an indignation for anyone who would suggest that America is exceptional. Our historians have gone to work uncovering our seedy flaws and as a result we Americans are supposed to have lost any reason to brag. A self deprecating, tarnished view of America's history has been taught for many years now.

So when Donald Trump dares to suggest that it's time to "Make America Great Again!" it infuriates the many who felt they had "debunked" that idea a long time ago. These people vehemently mock and lash out at Trump, and do so quite personally. This explains, at least in part, the vitriolic opposition that Donald Trump has received. Who is this man who DARES defy our reigning cultural norm?

BUT!!! ...this also begins to explain Trump's MYSTERIOUS POPULARITY! To the total surprise of America's new "elite" many Americans still see that America has something very unique and great to offer both its citizens and the world. These believe that America has something well worth restoring and reviving and they are not so eager to wave the flag of surrender. There really is this battle line being drawn for America's future.

Within this context Donald Trump leads an unscripted, incredibly unique, self-funded revolt to "Make America Great Again". The establishment, people and politicians, have been caught by surprise. Even those in Trump's own party are indignant with his success. Politicians fear his entry and are holding tight to their broken and corrupt ways of doing business. So much so, that the people cannot rely on these politicians to solve our problems, nor even to keep us safe! Many more Americans than expected are feeling disgusted and unrepresented by their Washington representatives, from both parties! So Donald Trump surges.

Trump speaks to Americans who've noticed that Washington has become overly bureaucratic, disgustingly ineffective, at times embarrassing and frustratingly unable to broker deals that are in America's best interest. Understand, this is the appeal of Donald Trump. He is a very successful businessman who has been able to achieve results and to motivate people. He is self-funding his microphone so that he can speak unfiltered, directly to us and our problems with clarity. He is unafraid to defy our accepted cultural malaise when needed. Donald Trump is vocalizing what America needs..

Under Trump's leadership, a call has gone forth to Americans to begin afresh, to return to our former greatness and to work together to "Make America Great Again". Trump is no hater, he's a proven successful problem-solver. And his supporters aren't haters either. We are ordinary Americans, representing many different backgrounds, people who genuinely are concerned for the Country and it's well-being. We'd like our future to be great once again!

Well, that's how it looks from here!

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Noble Cause Corruption

Created Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:13 pm by ThirstyMan Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:13 pm in category Common.

Wow!!! I think I'm onto something big! This phrase describes a very real moral dilemma and divide that we Americans face every day now. It's called Noble Cause Corruption [NCC].

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Ready for the Socialist Utopia?

Created Fri Oct 31, 2014 9:26 am by ThirstyMan Fri Oct 31, 2014 9:26 am in category Common.

Is the USA ready to become the next socialist utopian State? There are ways that this is being forced upon us right now, even if itís not apparent nor what we want.

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Obama's Benghazi Lies

Created Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:04 pm by ThirstyMan Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:04 pm in category Common.

We are now learning the exact nature of the Benghazi deception. The President in his speech to the UN General Assembly, referenced an insulting video which resulted in anger being felt "throughout the Muslim world". This video had sparked spontaneous demonstrations and the violent mob's assault on the Benghazi consulate. They said that video led to the subsequent demonstrations and were responsible for the death of four Americans. [no blame for the murderers]

But the real insult is turning out to be this version of the Benghazi events. The spontaneous angry mob assault caused by the video was a fabricated story which originated in the White House Situation Room. The video was completely apart from any information sent to the White House from on-site intelligence reports. From its onset the video as cause for the Benghazi assault as described by Susan Rice, the President, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta was a complete fabrication. All of those reports about the video are false. Benghazi was reported to the White House from the start as a coordinated terrorist attack.

So where did the video story come from and why? The White House had been selling a campaign narrative of its great success in dealing with terrorists ["al-qaeda is on the run"] and that narrative was suddenly in jeopardy, right before the election. And the State Department was desperately afraid that it would be seen as responsible for these deaths since it had denied repeated requests to beef up security. The video mantra served both purposes; a scapegoat for Hillary Clinton's inadequate consulate security AND it allowed President Obama to classify this attack as a spontaneous Muslim rage as opposed to a persisting terrorist threat. The video became convenient cover for both their needs.

It's hard to imagine why an outright deception was favored over telling the truth. One of the lessons of Watergate was that it wasn't the deed that got Nixon impeached [almost], it was the dishonesty of his cover-up. Doesn't this cover-up sicken us all? Four Americans died and then in 4 months Hillary screeches, "What difference does it make?"

"That is what we saw played out in the last two weeks as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world." President Obama to the UN General Assembly, Sept 24, 2012

A year and four months later this coordinated deception has been rightly exposed. But who cares? The liars may have been politically "right" to deceive us distracted Americans. We don't seem to have any conviction left. To date no explanation or apology has been forthcoming from any of these responsible. Anyone in the White House Situation Room that night really should come forward to come clean. Nobody has yet admitted anything. The spontaneous demonstration story was the brainchild of a small number of people who agreed to it and carried out a hideous deception.

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  • Ready for the Socialist Utopia?
    "This may seem far-fetched" IMHO not far fetched at all. In fact It's largely a done deal, foisted upon us slowly over decades when we weren't looking. This song by the Temptations keep rolling around in my head. I would just change the tense to past not future. continue

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. - Voltaire

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