#1 'Unhinged bias': Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley slams MSNBC for hiring Lisa Page as legal analyst by ThirstyMan 06.06.2020 18:40


By Andrew Mark Miller | June 06, 2020

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley questioned MSNBC’s recent decision to hire Lisa Page as a legal analyst.

“Lisa Page is the new Legal Analyst for NBC and MSNBC,” Turley, a self-described liberal, tweeted Saturday in response to news that MSNBC hired former FBI lawyer Lisa Page as a legal analyst. “The problem is not that Page disagrees with the Administration on legal matters but that she is personally involved in the investigations and has shown intense and at times unhinged bias against Trump.”

Turley continued: “It seems like bias has become the coin of the realm for some networks. Why have echo journalism when you can have an analyst simply repeat her position directly? With Page, NBC has crossed the Rubicon and left its objectivity scattered on the far bank.”

Page worked on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigating alleged ties between Trump and Russia. She also had a publicized romantic relationship with now-fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, during which the two discussed their animosity toward Trump via text message.

“I started something new today!” Page tweeted Friday.

President Trump responded to the news of the hiring by calling it a “total disgrace.”

“You must be kidding???” Trump said in response to a tweet from former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell. “This is a total disgrace!”


A Reminder:

FBI lovers Strzok and Page before the election:
Page- “[Trump is] not ever going to become President, right? Right?!”
Strzok-“No. No, he won’t. We’ll stop it.” TM

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