#1 My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Makes Huge Annoucement: Will Manufacture Face Masks For Health Care Workers by ThirstyMan 25.03.2020 15:59


Mike Lindell is best known for his incredible success with infomercials promoting his unique “My Pillow” brand. The My Pillow founder and CEO is also well-known for his unyielding support for President Trump. Mike’s journey from Minnesota bar owner to successful pillow inventor and manufacturer is anything but normal. Mr. Lindell spent over 20 years as a cocaine addict and then 10 years as a crack cocaine addict. Along the way, Mike also became a gambling addict, but today, after making a decision to give up his addictions, and subsequent successful treatment by a faith-based addiction center, he is finally free from his addictions. Three years ago, by the grace of God, Mike was saved by Jesus Christ and has since dedicated his life to helping others.

Recently, Mike, who unashamedly admits he was “chosen by God,” was named as the Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign, a role he takes very seriously.

In spite of their best efforts, Democrats have been unable to destroy his business over his public support for President Trump. Mike claims that after coming out in support of President Trump, his rating with the Better Business Bureau went from an “A” to an “F.”

We met with Mike Lindell for several hours in February, where he spoke about his decision to publicly support our president. Mike explained that he spent his entire life not knowing the difference between a Democrat or Republican, or what makes someone a conservative vs. a liberal.

Mike came to the realization that he was in fact, a conservative when he sat down and made a list of his priorities, most of which were based on his faith. When he was finished, he compared his list of priorities to the platform of the Republican Party versus the Democrat Party, he was surprised to find that every priority fell under the Republican Party platform.

Yesterday, Mike Lindell announced on Twitter that he will be manufacturing medical face masks for health care workers who are dealing with a critical shortage of medical supplies that are needed to protect themselves as they deal with the coronavirus outbreak in health care facilities.

In a follow-up tweet, Mike Lindell explains that his masks will not be available to individuals for purchase. The My Pillow inventor and CEO is only making the masks available to health care workers.


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