#1 The Coming Snowball of Good News [Rush is optimistic! TM] by ThirstyMan 30.10.2019 09:00


RUSH: I donít want to get ahead of the game here, folks, but Iím hoping that some recent events, some good news things presage a snowball effect of good news. For example, weíve got the new book by Lee Smith thatís out this week which exposes everything Devin Nunes found about this corrupt so-called investigation into Trump. The American people en masse get a load of this, and itís entirely possible itís gonna change things dramatically.

The Barr investigation is ongoing. Kim Strasselís new book is out about this as well. Andy McCarthy, Ball of Collusion. We have flooded the market with books about the truth of this investigation. Weíre nearing a crisis point here where I think in this race that we are in with the left and the Democrats we can have a snowball effect of good news for our side. And I think one of the signs that this is on the way to happening, Pelosi has all of a sudden called for a vote for impeachment, everybody says in the House.

Now, what is this, really? What this is is a forced emasculation of Schiff, because Iím telling you they never intended to do this. Pelosi said two weeks ago there was not gonna be a vote. Pelosi said three weeks ago there wasnít gonna be a vote. All of a sudden now thereís gonna be a vote. Why is there going to be a vote?

And weíve got unhinged left wing furor over Baghdadi. Weíve got the Democrat Party reduced to sympathizing with Baghdadi! The Democrat Party is sympathizing with a terrorist! Weíve got Max Boot, a former Republican, now a Never Trumper who has had to withdraw a bunch of tweets from his Washington Post column. He said Baghdadi was no coward. Trump is the coward. Baghdadi was brave and courageous. There was an overreaction ó well, not overreaction. There was an amazing reaction to that even on Twitter which, you know, Twitter runs everything. And he had to withdraw that, retract some of that.

The point is that, see, I have this theory that the Democrats are on defense in this whole thing, not us. Now, I know thatís a countervailing opinion. Most people think that weíre on defense because the Democrats are leading this impeachment effort, but let me give you my reasoning here.

The Democrats have the appearance of being on offense, but if you ask me, they are actually playing defense. When itís all said and done ó let me take you through a list of things and ask you what is gonna make the biggest impact on the 2020 elections? Hereís my guess, based on what we know. Here are the biggest impacts on the 2020 elections: the economy. Itís excellent.

If it maintains ó weíve got stock market records, 401(k)s are through the roof. That is the stock market benefiting the American public en masse because everybody who has a 401(k) is invested in the stock market. Whether they know it or not, they are. And as they see their 401(k)s ballooning and wages are up and so forth, the economy is a plus factor.

Now, weighing against that what do we have? The Democrats are promising to wipe out private health insurance. All you have to do is listen to them, listen to them in their debates and they are happy to tell you they are gonna wipe out private health insurance. They acknowledge that Medicare for All is gonna require mind-boggling tax increases.

Now, there are caveats to these two things. Thereís increasing data, polling data that shows American Millennials are trending more and more in favor of socialism and communism, and it is a direct result of what they are being taught, my friends. Itís a direct result of Marxism, socialism, capitalism, being taught favorably and being promoted in economics and history classes both in high school and college. So thatís something that weíre gonna have to deal with.

Iím gonna take these polls at face value. Now, when I was a kid growing up, we had the sixties. We had a bunch of young people that believed in communism and Marxism then. We had a lot of people that were caught up in the magic of socialism. The lure of socialism is timeless. It boggles the mind, but it is.

My point is that young people throughout modern American history have always, a certain segment of them, have always found something idyllic, something romantic about the notion of socialism, because itís fair and itís equal and thereís no competition so that means thereís no losers and thereís no winners. And everybodyís the same, and nobody gets laughed at, and nobodyís better than anybody else.

Itís this kind of adolescent stuff that appeals to adolescents that theyíre holding onto now as they grow holder. Because itís taught, because itís in the movies they watch, itís in the music that they listen to. So itís something we have to deal with. I donít want to give you the wrong impression here that I donít think weíve got problems. As you know, I believe we do. Theyíre ongoing and constant, require constant vigilance. But Iím saying in the upcoming election here, I really think itís the Democrats that are playing defense.

So the economy is a big impact in the 2020 elections, and against that youíve got the Democrats promising to wipe out private health insurance. Thatís 159 million people that like their private health insurance, that donít want to get rid of it. The Democrats are acknowledging that Medicare for All will require massive tax increases.

This also appeals to certain elements of the Democrat base because punishing anybody that has any more than they do is a valid political objective the Democrats have fostered. The Democrats are promising free health care to illegals paid for by tax increases on the middle class.

Then weíve got ó glaring for everybody ó the failure of the Mueller report. When the rubber meets the road, Trump publishing the transcript of his phone conversation with the Ukrainian president is gonna redound to his benefit. We have the killing of al-Bakr al-Sahib Skyhook Baghdadi ó who now the Democrats are sympathizing with, who the Democrats have been forced to sympathize with him on their opposition to Trump. We have books written by Andy McCarthy, Kim Strassel, and Lee Smith that I just mentioned a moment ago.

Itís not just one book, itís three ó and they are all excellent, and they all take a little different path to get to the same conclusion that is obvious. These books are going to be talked about, theyíre going to be read, they are going to be effective. We have the Horowitz report and the Durham investigations. And then, of course ó at the bottom of the list ó we have me, bringing it all to light and keeping it all in perspective and making sure that all of you are aware of all of this. Everything the Democrats are doing is in response to all of this that I just mentioned to you.

The Democrats are reacting to the economy, and theyíre not doing it well. The Democrats are reacting to getting a terrorist. One way to look at this: How does Trump use intel? How does Trump use the intelligence agencies? He goes out, he finds the location of bad guys ó terrorists ó whoíve been wantonly murdering Americans, and he wipes them out. How did Obama use intel? To spy on Trump. How did Obama use the intelligence agencies? To try to overturn the election results of 2016, which they are still doing.

Obama ended up corrupting the intelligence agencies, and they are still at it with this endless parade of witnesses before Pelosiís sham impeachment committee. (Schiffís as well.) More on that coming up here in just a second. But Iím telling you, the Democrats have the appearance of being on offense, and they may even think that they are. But I believe, in reality, they are playing defense.


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