#1 Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe dies by Cincinnatus 06.09.2019 04:28


Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Zimbabwe's founding father Robert Mugabe who ruled the country for almost four decades as an autocrat died Friday at the age of 95, his predecessor President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced.


Having come to power following Zimbabwe's fight for independence from Britain in 1980, he clung to his seat for 37 years as the country's first prime minister then president.

He famously said "only god" could dethrone him as he is the one who ascended him to power.

"I will never, never, never surrender," he said in December 2008, responding to calls for him to step down. "Zimbabwe is mine, I am Zimbabwean."


He was a vile little tin pot dictator who took a prosperous country and turned it into a hell hole. Bye bye.

#2 RE: Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe dies by PzLdr 06.09.2019 09:09


Hopefully, the flames of Hell are burning a little hotter today...

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