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By Don Surber, August 29, 2019

Donald Gross worked on U.S. negotiations with Red China during the Clinton administration. He wrote a piece in The Hill, "Trump already has won the trade war with China."

Well, of course. President Donald John Trump always wins the battle before he engages the enemy. He is a very stable genius. No brag, just fact.

After knocking President Trump for a few paragraphs to establish some DC street cred,
Gross wrote, "At this point, the U.S. has won numerous Chinese commitments in the trade negotiations:

Cutting the U.S. trade deficit through China’s purchase of large quantities of U.S. energy and agricultural products;

Strengthening intellectual property rights protection and enforcement to prevent forced transfer of U.S. technologies and know-how;

Ending government subsidies and support to Chinese industries targeted by the Made in China 2025 plan;

Ensuring fair, effective and non-discriminatory market access and treatment for U.S. investors and companies;

Reducing Chinese tariffs and non-tariff barriers applied to U.S. products and services; and

Establishing an effective enforcement mechanism to facilitate compliance and handle future trade disputes.

"As a result of these agreed measures, there will be a far more level playing field for trade between China and the United States. China no longer will have the advantages it relied upon in the past to sell extensively into the U.S. market while restricting the activities of U.S. firms in the Chinese market."

Now this is remarkable. All the experts on Red China in DC lectured us long and hard about how no one wins a trade war. And yet, there is President Trump winning a trade war.

Zero Hedge reported this morning, "With Beijing rapidly running out of US imports to slap tariffs on, the Chinese government indicated on Thursday that it wouldn’t immediately retaliate against the latest US tariff escalation announced by President Trump a week ago, Bloomberg reports. Instead, it will be looking for ways to finally deescalate the trade conflict, which has dragged on for nearly 18 months.

"The burst of optimistic rhetoric on both sides has helped lift stocks, with S&P 500 futures reversing earlier losses to rise as much as 0.7%."

We could settle for that, but President Trump wants more. He knows that Chairman Xi is on the ropes. The communist party cannot be happy with what is going on in Hong Kong, and China's stock market has tanked.

President Trump would love to have Chairman Xi lean on Kim Jong Un to give up the nukes, allow South Korea to invest, and have a normal country. I think Kim wants that too.

But Gross is more concerned about Chairman Xi saving face than with a denuclearized Korean peninsula and freedom in Hong Kong.

Gross wrote, "What matters most to China’s leadership is that China be treated with respect, dignity and equality and not allow itself to be bullied by the United States. Even during the U.S.-China cold war from 1949 to 1973, Chinese leaders held a positive view of the United States because of the historic U.S. commitment to equal trade with China in America’s Open Door policy — wisely formulated by Secretary of State John Hay in the late 19th century to distinguish the U.S. from colonial powers that sought to carve up China and extract the country’s wealth."


What Red China wants is world domination.

And Red China killing our men in Korea in the 1950s was far from holding a positive view on the United States.

Red China hated the West in general and the United States in particular. Chairman Mao called us a paper tiger.

I am glad that Gross is admitting defeat. President Trump showed the Red Chinese and their dupes in DC. Gross said. "Reaching an agreement with China and halting the trade war will give the president at least 90% of what he sought — and he will still end up winning the war."

President Trump engaged the battle. He will decide the terms of surrender, not those who rooted for the other side.



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