#1 Bill Maher: Recession ‘Worth It’ To Prevent Trump Winning by Cincinnatus 05.08.2019 04:01


The arrogance, the indifference to the suffering of others this would bring. Typical Liberal compassion. "Comedian" my derriere.

Comedian Bill Maher of HBO, a wealthy man who will most likely never experience economic hardship for as long as he lives, now actively hopes that people lose their jobs, having their lives completely upended by way of a recession so that President Trump loses the 2020 election.

Speaking on his show "Overtime" on Friday, Maher said that a recession would be "worth it" to prevent another four years of President Trump, reports Fox News. Even when business columnist Josh Barro reminded him of the damage recessions can inflict upon people, Maher refused to back down.

"I know, but it's worth it," Maher told Barro.


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