#1 US women's soccer team captain accepts Capitol invitation by Cincinnatus 09.07.2019 18:21


Such obvious grandstanding by both parties.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer says Megan Rapinoe has accepted an invitation for the U.S. women's soccer team to celebrate its World Cup victory with a visit to Congress.

The New York senator said Tuesday he looks forward to scheduling a time when "these inspiring women can come to the nation's capital."

Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress invited the team to visit. Rapinoe told reporters earlier this week in New York she's "very happy" to accept.

The team co-captain has said she's not interested in celebrating at the White House. It's unclear if the winning team would be invited by President Donald Trump to visit.


#2 RE: US women's soccer team captain accepts Capitol invitation by ThirstyMan 13.07.2019 18:37


She's such a tasteless "woman".

Letting her glory in her spotlight is all Trump can do.

I'm very surprised the team goes along with her showboating. No dissenters? Classless Chuckie was all too glad to stick a finger in the President's eye by accepting this fake woman's request. This is a moment of sad glory though, and it will be coming back to bite them all fairly soon.

Americans want to feel proud about their Country. Who wants to be embarrassed like this?

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