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This is so obviously nothing more than harassment.

(CP) – Christian baker Jack Phillips of Colorado is facing a third lawsuit over his refusal on religious grounds to make certain cakes, the latest legal battle for the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner. Transgender woman Autumn Scardina filed a second lawsuit against Phillips last Wednesday in District Court for the city and county of Denver, Colorado. In the new lawsuit, Scardina claimed that Phillips violated Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act and Consumer Protection Act by refusing to bake what the plaintiff labeled a “birthday cake.” The “birthday cake” as described in the lawsuit, which was to be blue on the outside and pink on the inside, was supposed to symbolize Scardina’s transition from male to female. Scardina is being represented by attorneys Paula Greisen and John McHugh. In an interview with local outlet CBS 4, Greisen said that the “dignity of all citizens in our state needs to be honored.”


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Additional details here:


Scardina and her attorneys Paula Greisen and John McHugh need to be counter sued for anything the Alliance Defending Freedom can conjure up.

I also wonder who is paying Scardina's legal fees. Sue them as co-conspirators.

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OLYMPIA, Wash. (BP) -- Barronelle Stutzman's commitment to operate her florist business according to Christian convictions again found an unreceptive audience in Washington's highest court.

The state Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision June 6 that Washington's judicial system did not demonstrate religious animosity toward Stutzman when it concluded she illegally discriminated by declining to design flowers for a same-sex wedding. The court also ruled against the florist in 2017.

Stutzman's case returned to Washington's highest court after the U.S. Supreme Court annulled in a 2018 order a lower-court ruling against her. The order also instructed the Washington Supreme Court to reconsider its previous decision in light of the justices' new opinion in favor of a Colorado cake artist who refused to design and decorate a cake to celebrate the wedding of two men. In that 7-2 decision, the high court ruled the Colorado Civil Rights Commission violated the religious free exercise clause of the First Amendment and demonstrated in its action "religious hostility" toward Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop.


Baronnelle and her legal team have announced they will appeal to the US Supreme Court.

It's as if the original ruling on the Phillips case never happened.

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