#1 'Anti-Fascist' Beer Company Owner Calls on Customers to Hit 'Far-Right' 'Fascists' in the Head with a Brick by Cincinnatus 22.05.2019 22:30


The Leftist ugliness we see here is also present in England and in spades.

As Europe goes to the polls to vote in the EU Parliamentary elections this week and with Nigel Farage's Brexit Party forecast to gain the most votes in the UK, left-wing activists are acting out in an unprecedented manner.

In a recent tweet, the owner of a beer company in Manchester England urged his customers to hit "fascists" (like Farage and Tommy Robinson) over the head with a brick.

"Note to our customers: Please don't throw out beer over fascists," wrote Mike Marcus, the director and founder of the Chorlton Brewing Company. "Hit them over the head with a brick as is traditional."

In his Twitter profile, Marcus describes himself as "Anti-fascist (any means necessary)."

When one of his followers responded to his tweet, saying it "sickened" her, Marcus doubled down, arguing that his call for violence was "acceptable."

"The only possible end point of the political path espoused by the far right is genocide," Marcus tweeted in response. "It happened before and it may happen again. Selective, considered violent action is acceptable if it helps prevent another 12 million murders."


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