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Derelict: ('derəˌlikt/) neglectful of duty, delinquent; a person guilty of neglect of duty; a bum. SYNONYM-see Obama, Barack.

A thought experiment can be useful to explain why America is in a mess.

Let's take Barack Obama at his word -- a stretch certainly for anyone who would lie about his own mother's death to score partisan points will lie about...well, anything. But let's put the most positive spin on what President Obama has been conveying to his fellow Americans. One can try to be optimistic even in these perilous times -- it is one of the great traits of being American.

Barack Obama and those who serve at his whim have declared that he knew nothing about the IRS witch-hunt of Republicans, spying by the NSA on Americans and foreign leaders, Fast and Furious, ObamaCare website problems, that he actually set red lines regarding Syria (though he denied it later), security problems at the Benghazi consulate, and spying on the Associated Press. When asked, Obama has asserted that he learned about all these problems only after reading about them in the media. Who knew our presidents would model themselves after Sergeant Schultz on the old Hogan Heroes television series (Obama has admitted he watched a lot of television when he was younger -- and some with reason believe he still does).

What conclusions can be drawn from these excuses? One is immediately apparent: the sequester did not go far and deep enough. After all, we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars and the president of the United States has to rely on newspapers to be informed of what is happening in his own administration. Time to outsource everything to people who work for peanuts -- such as bloggers (yours truly, for one example -- I would like to see a return on, or of, my taxes).

But the second conclusion is more pointed: we have elected (twice!) a derelict as president.

Years ago I questioned Barack Obama's work ethic. Quite simply, I found there was none. My conclusion was based on viewing his entire record -- not just the many examples of "voting present" while serving as a state legislator in Springfield. These are part-time positions (thankfully) as was his part-time gig as a constitutional law lecturer. Come to think of it, Obama specializes in a part-time approach towards all his "jobs" and that is fitting since he is turning millions of Americans into part-time workers. Who knew? He is one of us after all.

Barack Obama is not a policy wonk as was Bill Clinton. Nor is he a decider-in-chief, as was George Bush. Now one could argue that that Clinton had wrong policies and Bush made wrong decisions -- but they were both hard-working presidents.

Compare and contrast them to Barack Obama.

Obama had almost no role in a lot of initiatives associated with him -- the boondoggle stimulus, the green energy schemes, the Affordable Care Act. This legislation was crafted by the usual suspects -- all Democrats (Reid, Baucus, and Pelosi). He was relegated to being a mere cheerleader when it came to the stimulus -- to such an extent that Speaker of the House Pelosi muted him on a conference call so he would not interfere with the real work being done by others . If only all Americans could have such a button.


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