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Oh, dear heavens.

It doesn't get much crazier than this. According to KPTV-TV, an Oregon elementary school teacher tried to convince an 8-year-old student that he was transgender. The schoolteacher did this without involving the parents. The result? The boy is now aggressive, depressed, and confused.

The teacher at Nellie Muir Elementary School in Woodburn targeted the boy for transgender indoctrination when he started using the staff restroom after a stomach issue made him feel uncomfortable about using the boys' toilet. The teacher took the 8-year-old aside, spoke shortly to him, and then proceeded to share all kinds of transgender literature and videos with him. The teacher asked the boy several times whether he thought he was a girl and even held him out of recess in order to read transgender books and watch transgender videos. Oh, and to top it off, there were one-on-one conversations about transgenderism.

All this was done without the parents' consent or even their knowledge. It only came out when the boy came home with a book about transgenderism and when he talked to a therapist (while crying his eyes out).


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Are they trying to create another David Reimer ?

The teacher ought to loose their license, be fired, and be subject to a civil law suit.

Ditto for the school aadministration

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MARION COUNTY, Oregon, May 10, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Two parents in Oregon have filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Woodburn School District over a second-grade teacher they say took it upon himself to give their eight-year-old son one-on-one gender lessons after erroneously assuming the boy was transgendered.


The teacher allegedly developed a lesson plan without any authorization from the school district in April 2018, keeping him alone in a classroom and not letting him go to recess until he got through various videos and books. The materials included the book I Am Jazz and episodes of the TV series of the same name, as well as Who are You? The Kid's Guide to Gender Identity.

The materials came recommended by an "unknown non-school employee transgender individual," according to the lawsuit.

This went on for three sessions over the course of a week, at the end of which the teacher told the boy to share the books with his parents, who were extremely shocked to find out that she would expose (their son) to various sexual concepts, such as the difference between male and female body parts," according to their attorney, Edgar Diaz. The teacher’s actions "constituted an extraordinary transgression of bound of socially tolerable conduct."

They filed a complaint with the school, which attempted to dismiss it on the grounds that "If this happened in Portland, it would not be a big deal." The school found that the teacher had pulled the boy from normal activities and shared “potentially controversial” materials with him without his parents’ consent, but merely recommended that the teacher abide by the school’s “controversial issues” policy and notify parents of future decisions to alter a student’s day.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for false imprisonment, negligence, and emotional distress, and says the ordeal has given the boy gender distress rather than resolving any, including confusion that he might become a girl and an aversion to “girl-related” activities. He is also in counseling for depression, aggression, and isolation, and “has also become afraid of attending his current school, seeing (the teacher) and using the boys' bathroom.”

A year after the incident, the boy still has not healed, Fox 12 reported. “He feels different now, he feels confused. To hear your son say that … on a couch talking to a therapist, holding back tears – it’s very heartbreaking,” his mother said (his parents are remaining anonymous to protect their son’s privacy). “Still today, a year later, if he plays with my niece, he’s a girl in that moment … if he plays with my nephew, he’s a boy.”


The lawsuit is seeking $79,999 to pay for current and future therapy and other medical treatment, as well as $920,000 for mental and emotional damages. The school district says it will not comment on an ongoing lawsuit, but the parents say the teacher is still working at the school.


Name the biatch. Why should her identity be protected?

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