#1 Medical care for abortion survivors blocked by Senate Democrat by Cincinnatus 25.02.2019 19:32


Washington D.C., Feb 4, 2019 / 05:26 pm (CNA).- Senate Democrats rejected on Monday an effort to ensure that babies who survive abortion attempts receive medical care.


Sasse’s move to fast-track the bill was sparked by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D)’s comments regarding a proposed bill that would have eased restrictions on third-trimester abortions in the state. Northam, speaking in a radio interview on WTOP, described how a baby surviving a botched abortion would be given “comfort care” while a woman and her doctor discussed whether or not to provide additional medical intervention.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would penalize doctors who do not attempt to provide medical care to an infant born alive after an abortion with up to five years in prison. The bill also requires that an infant born in an abortion clinic be transferred to a hospital. A woman attempting to procure an abortion would also be granted civil cause of action against the medical professional performing the abortion, and would not be subject to criminal penalties.


A similar bill was passed through the House of Representatives along nearly total party lines, with all Republicans voting in favor of passing the legislation joined by only six Democrats. One of the Democrats, Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN), later said that he had misunderstood the bill and would not have voted for it.


Infanticide becomes official government policy.

#2 RE: Medical care for abortion survivors blocked by Senate Democrat by algernonpj 26.02.2019 10:38


I wonder how this stance will affect the next elections. It seems that many people, not matter what their stance on legal abortion, are appalled by infanticide being cheered by -D pols.

Not that long ago Red China was considered a savage, barbarian nation for the same policies.

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