#1 US aid to “Palestinian” terror services to end Friday #TrumpGOAT by algernonpj 30.01.2019 15:50


US aid to “Palestinian” terror services to end Friday #TrumpGOAT
By Pamela Geller - on January 30, 2019
Source TOI

Pay for Slay is a major incentive program for the force of jihad evil and Jew-hatred. It’s even worse than you thought.

  • US aid to Palestinian security services to end Friday

  • PA asks for $35 million in American assistance be cut off by end of January to avoid prosecution under Trump administration’s anti-terrorism laws

  • Here is what is not reported – thanks to Facts from the Middle East (FLAME):

    The Palestinian Authority has a now-well-known program that provides suicide bombers and other terrorist murderers and their families with lifelong financial security. It is known as the Palestinian “Pay for Slay” program. A recent detailed analysis from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has revealed the program’s startling details that are even more horrendous than its colloquial name suggests. Pay for Slay is even more of a threat to any peace prospects than you can imagine.

    As we’ll see, Pay for Slay is a major incentive program of the Palestinian Authority to furnish large incentives to its citizenry to murder Jewish people. How does Israel make peace with an entity that has as one of its sacrosanct values—and one of its major budget lines—offering payments and heroic status to individuals whose contribution to Palestinian society consists of being terrorist murderers?

    Under this Palestinian Pay for Slay scheme, not only are terrorist murderers—and their families—richly rewarded, but their salaries, bonuses and benefits ramp up according to the viciousness of their crimes and the Jewish body-counts attributable to their actions.

    If you are a Palestinian Arab, the road to fame and fortune for you and your loved ones clearly points to the terrorist murder of Jews. When a visiting American, Taylor Force, was murdered on the boardwalk of Tel Aviv three years ago, his terrorist assailant was killed by Israeli police on the spot.

    Taylor Force was a vacationing 28-year-old West Point graduate and military veteran who was working on his graduate degree at Villanova University. His terrorist murderer received a PA-televised heroes’ funeral, and his family was assured of lifelong salaries and benefits from the Palestinian Authority’s “Martyr’s Fund.”

    Force’s murder ignited a furor in Washington, since he was an American citizen and a true hero. Congress passed—and President Trump signed—the Taylor Force Act in 2017, which has since resulted in the United States cutting off funding for the Palestinian Authority’s General Fund.

    “Martyrs” and terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails, as well as their families, receive their PLO-distributed “salaries” and benefits through grants from that PA General Fund, which is totally controlled by PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Oh, yes, Abbas is also the head of the PLO and strictly controls its purse-strings.

    How evil is the Pay for Slay program in concept and execution? Unfathomably awful for anyone with even a slight moral compass. Despite PA assertions that this is simply a “welfare program,” the payments to terrorist murderers are not based on “need” in any way. In fact, even the smallest Pay for Slay salary far exceeds the maximum welfare payments available to regular impoverished Palestinian Arabs.


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