#1 University to Stock Men’s Rooms with Tampons, Sanitary Napkins by Cincinnatus 16.12.2018 20:58


Male students will now have free access to menstrual products at taxpayer-funded Washington State University in Pullman.

The government-run university is stocking men’s restrooms with tampons and sanitary napkins, according to the school’s division of public affairs.

“These strides towards gender inclusivity coincide with recent national recognition for WSU’s overall commitment to LGBTQ-inclusion,” the university said in a press release.

Free lady products in the men’s room is just one part of a sweeping campaign to make the university more inclusive to the transgender community.

Moving forward, all new buildings must have at least one single-user restroom facility.

Students will also be permitted to choose or correct their given names on identification cards.

In other words, if a student was born “Carl” but now identifies as “Darlene,” the university will now formally recognize the name change.

“Affirming folks’ identities on their CougarCard is a really big piece for us,” said Matthew Jeffries, the director of the university’s Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center at the Pullman campus.


Not to be confused with the Univ of Washington, Washington State has a number of branch campuses, including one right here where I live, but Pullman (just south of Spokane) is the flagship school. Gosh, it makes me so proud to be a part of this avant-garde practice, however tangentially, and don't feel for one moment this makes the state of WA look oodles of stupid.

#2 RE: University to Stock Men’s Rooms with Tampons, Sanitary Napkins by PzLdr 17.12.2018 00:22


They gonna have free 9 volt batteries in the Ladies?

#3 RE: University to Stock Men’s Rooms with Tampons, Sanitary Napkins by ThirstyMan 17.12.2018 07:55


It can't get much crazier!

Is this "transgender" accommodation or just plain accommodating gender confusion?

This focus on discovery of SELF is revolting to Christian teaching. Christ taught we should yield our fallen selves to God and learn to live in His love.

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