#1 Can you guess which of these programs Congress actually funded by Cincinnatus 21.03.2015 16:21


A short quiz from Townhall which measures (sort of) your knowledge of the federal budget.

Three mountain lions learned to use a treadmill under a project that cost more than $850,000.

55,000 was spent on security for Hillary Clinton's European book tour

$9.7 million was spent studying the effects of classical music on alligators.

NASA spent $125,000 in 2013 to build a "3-D pizza printer."

The USDA spent $3 million to discover whether monkeys could subsist on a diet of cheese and crackers.

That's it. 5 questions only. You can take the actual quiz and find out how well you know our Congress at http://townhall.com/spendingquiz

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