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This is a long article and well worth the read

Toxic Masculinity
by Capitalist Exploits
Sun, 10/07/2018 - 05:53
By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at

No frickin' way am I doing THAT!!

A few weeks ago we had a family skiing/snowboarding trip. While sitting at the top of this, this is how my daughter responded to her brother after he invited her to join him in launching himself of the lip and into the valley below.


They've both been on the slopes for the same period of time but my son engages in things that I absolutely will NOT be doing. And certainly nothing my daughter will likely ever consider doing.

Boys, as they say, are different. Not good, not bad. Just different.

It has to do with our biological makeup. Give us boys some baby dolls to play with as kids and we'll fiddle with them for a bit wondering what on earth they could be useful for, and then we'll figure it all out and turn them into torpedoes or better yet baseball bats.

We like speed, risk, and physicality. We don't really understand what "finding holistic wellness" means, though I'm pretty sure we find this ourselves when building stuff or competing. Sorry, it's just how we're wired.

And we often don't give too much thought to what others think which makes us somewhat belligerent while being simultaneously frickin'awesome.

Up until recently we all knew this. We spoke of it openly. We laughed about it and simply realised that yes, boys are different.

Or, if you will, girls are different.

We championed women for their nurturing, loving, and all too often downright sensible attitudes to risk.

Again, we all knew this. We were proud of both. We knew intuitively that we've a lot to thank both male and female for. That is until the social justice warriors moved in, determining that no, it's not biological but a "social construct of the patriarchy."

Enter SJW Pseudo Education

And this is how it is we find ourselves with what is increasingly a social justice pseudo education run by liberal fascists. Which isn't education at all but indoctrination.

I thought it bad enough that kids in schools these days are banned from climbing trees... or playing in any way that may actually resemble fun. Some of the best lessons learned by little kids involve getting punched in the nose in the playground after a rough game.

Small wonder we've a record number of (mostly) boys at school being diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit disorder) and being drugged to "fix" it.

In most instances, many of us who grew up in different times would have been diagnosed with this in our childhood. Were we a problem? No more than any other perfectly healthy normal kids testing boundaries.

Often — and I remember this myself — we were just bored, and this even more so if you're just modestly bright dealing with dullard teachers. Our attention was perfectly fine if we needed to be jumping from a roof to see if we could make it into a pile of leaves without damaging some part of our body. No attention deficit, I assure you.

But this sort of behaviour is now seen as toxic by these do-gooder whackos and must therefore be "fixed". This is head-scratchingly stupid.


Trigger Warning:

The following paragraph contains words and/or views that survivors of masculinephobic abuse may find triggering.

To all those advocating for equality, inclusivity, while getting all lathered up about white privilege and toxic masculinity and all this pseudo intellectual virtue signalling bullshit, let me remind you that if it weren't for said masculinity you'd all still be living in a damp cave picking lice out of your children's hair as you approach the end of your life which would be in your 20's.

You are a disgrace. You are a cowardly, pathetic, useless, gutless, spineless, herd of hypocritical bed-wetting, entitled, comfort-blanket-hugging children. For goodness' sake, grow up, pull yourself together, stop your bloody whining, and get out of the way for the rest of us who have things to do, value to create, and productive lives ahead of us.

That is all.


"If you have your children in a school and they talk about equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, any of that. You take your children out of the class. They're not being educated, they're being indoctrinated and there's absolutely no excuse for it." — Professor Jordan Peterson


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Toxic masculinity = masculinity. The hens will eventually realize you don't get offspring with capons...

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