#1 Obama Activist to Be Next Surgeon General by Eglman 15.11.2013 18:07


Obama’s portly Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, best known for prescribing hugs as healthcare, has resigned. The replacement will be Vivek Hallegere. This time not being white isn’t the only qualification to set the nominee apart from other candidates:

He is the co-founder and president of Doctors for America, which began as Doctors for Obama in 2008.

Given that the federal government has been allowed to seize control of the healthcare industry, a political hack is an appropriate choice for this position.

Vivek Hallegere, spin doctor. Loyalty has its rewards.


#2 RE: Obama Activist to Be Next Surgeon General by algernonpj 16.11.2013 10:32


Read his biography. Another citizen of the world, long on education and short on real world experience.


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