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ICE to Sue Portland over Mayor Ted Wheeler’s ‘Stand Down’ Orders to Police Forcing Them To Ignore Distress Calls from the Federal Agency
August 6, 2018
Fox News

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the police department not to intervene between the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) and pro-immigration protesters who surrounded the ICE building and prevented people from leaving or entering. When ICE called for help, police did not respond – under orders of Mayor Wheeler, who defended his action by saying that he did not provide police protection because he disagrees with ICE’s anti-immigration policies. The agency now plans to sue the city for withholding protection. [Wouldn’t it be a pleasant change if, instead of suing the government, someone would sue the individuals who are responsible for these criminal acts? Where is the logic of getting a multi-million-dollar judgement against the city, which means the fine will be paid by innocent taxpayers, while the Mayor faces no penalties whatsoever?] -GEG

As Portland mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the Portland Police Bureau to stand down and let the far left mob lay siege to the I.C.E. facility, employees at the building were helpless as they called for emergency services on at least two occasions due to the violence from the unhinged protesters. Police didn’t show up to help.

Now the I.C.E. employees are fighting back, threatening to sue the city for a violation of their 14th Amendment rights to equal protection under the law.

Willamette Week reports:

The union that represents U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers says on at least two occasions last month two federal ICE employees called the Portland police while being harassed by protesters—but cops did not show up, because the Portland mayor had ordered them not to intervene.

Members of the union, called the National ICE Council, sent Mayor Ted Wheeler a cease and desist letter today demanding he require Portland police to assist federal agents if called upon.

The letter, filed this morning by the union on behalf of employees working in Portland’s ICE office, says that Wheeler’s decision to order Portland police not to assist federal agents was a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, it cites the 14th Amendment, which says the government cannot deny any person equal protection under the law.

A local ICE officer, who spoke to WW only on the condition of anonymity, says two agency employees called Portland police on June 19 when they were blocked from leaving the building in their vehicles. One of those employees told Portland police that protesters followed his truck to pick up his daughter from summer camp and harassed him in the parking lot.

He also says protesters showed up at his Portland apartment building a few hours later. Again, he called police, but says no officer responded.

“This area became like a wild west,” the local immigration officer tells WW.

Chris Crane, president of the national union, says the situation at the ICE building in Portland spiraled out of control because police would not assist federal agents.

“Every person in law enforcement knows there are few things as dangerous or as unpredictable than an angry mob,” Craine says. “No one could have responded quickly enough to protect our employees who were trapped inside this building. All of this because the Mayor of Portland has a beef with the president of the United States.”

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