#1 Someone tossed a bottle out of a car. A girl tried to throw it away — and it exploded by Cincinnatus 30.07.2018 18:05


Not much in the way of details and hopefully an isolated event. But the cause?

A 13-year-old Washington girl was out walking a dog in Vancouver when she saw someone throw a plastic bottle from an SUV and drive off, according to KOIN. As she picked up the bottle to throw it away, it exploded in her hands.

“She said she didn’t know what was happening and she’s mad that they littered,” Ashli Fortner, identified as the girl’s mother, told KATU. “She said it was so loud she couldn’t hear for a second and that she was really scared.”

A neighbor who witnessed the explosion, Gloria Rubio, told KPTV that she was in her yard when the explosion happened.

“I saw a lot of blood dripping and I saw the plastic in her hands. It was bad,” Rubio told the TV station.

Police said the girl was taken to the hospital with serious, but non life-threatening, injuries, according to the Spokesman-Review. The explosion happened at about 7:40 p.m., when someone inside a green SUV threw the plastic bottle onto the ground before the vehicle drove away, the Spokesman-Review said.


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