#1 In rebuke of Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León wins endorsement of California Democrats in Senate race by algernonpj 15.07.2018 10:36


In rebuke of Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León wins endorsement of California Democrats in Senate race
By Phil Willon
Jul 14, 2018 | 11:45 PM

California Democratic Party leaders took a step to the left Saturday night, endorsing liberal state lawmaker Kevin de León for Senate in a stinging rebuke of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

De León’s victory reflected the increasing strength of the state party’s liberal activist core, which was energized by the election of Republican Donald Trump as president.

The endorsement was an embarrassment for Feinstein, who is running for a fifth full term, and indicates that Democratic activists in California have soured on her reputation for pragmatism and deference to bipartisanship as Trump and a Republican-led Congress are attacking Democratic priorities on immigration, healthcare and environmental protections.

De León, a former state Senate leader from Los Angeles, received 65% of the vote of about 330 members of the state party’s executive board — more than the 60% needed to secure the endorsement. Feinstein, who pleaded with party leaders meeting in Oakland this weekend not to endorse any candidate, received 7%, and 28% voted for “no endorsement.”

“We have presented Californians with the first real alternative to the worn-out Washington playbook in a quarter-century,” De León said in a statement shortly after the endorsement was announced.

It’s not clear that the endorsement will have a significant effect on the general election. Feinstein crushed De León in the June primary, winning every county and finishing in first place with 44% of the overall vote. De León finished far behind with 12%, which was enough for a second-place finish and a ticket to the November election under the state’s top-two primary system.

The endorsement can come with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money, which the De León campaign will have to help raise, as well as party volunteers and political organizing assistance. De León needs that support to increase his odds of victory in November. Feinstein had $7 million in campaign cash socked away as of May, 10 times what De León had.

The Feinstein campaign touted her primary win in a statement Saturday night.

Lynne Standard-Nightengale, a member of the Amador County Democratic Central Committee, said she supported De León even though she realizes he has almost no chance of beating Feinstein. She said she wanted to send a message.

“I just think we need a younger, progressive person there,” she said. “The Democratic Party in California has moved to the left, and he personifies those values.”


De León’s campaign has focused on the party’s energized liberal faction. He supports single-payer healthcare, aggressive goals for renewable energy and helped lead the successful effort to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. He has criticized Feinstein, known for having moderate tendencies, for being too conciliatory toward Trump, such as when she urged people to have “patience” with the president last year.


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Another example of the Democratic Party taken over by full blown, no pretense, radical leftist / statists / Marxists.

#2 RE: In rebuke of Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León wins endorsement of California Democrats in Senate race by Cincinnatus 15.07.2018 19:44


The embarrassing snub to Feinstein was a testament to the leftward shift of California Democratic activists in the age of President Donald Trump, highlighting a long-running split between the party establishment and its restive liberal wing.

But the benefit of de Leon's star turn — occurring at a time when voters are thinking about the beach and barbeques, not the ballot box — is likely to be fleeting.

It's "the strongest signal yet of just how far to the left California's Democratic activists have moved, how emboldened they are by their party's dominance in the state and how much the Trump presidency has polarized our politics," said University of California, San Diego political scientist Thad Kousser.

"But it's only a signal about the party's most activist core, not a sign that everyday voters are choosing a pure progressive over a pragmatist," Kousser said in an email. "It may breathe new life into a campaign that was on CPR ... but it doesn't chart a path to victory for a candidate who has always earned the strong support of activists while remaining a virtual unknown to the average California voter."

So far, the state senator's challenge to the more moderate Feinstein has been largely an annoyance for his fellow Democrat, rather than a threat to her winning a fifth, full term.


At the very least this shows the leftward drift of the Democratic Party which is almost certain to continue. Feinstein, btw, is 85.

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