#1 Black Student Punches White Teacher for Being Allegedly Insensitive by Eglman 04.02.2015 15:21


This story will delight liberals, unless they did not intend events like this to be a consequence of their endless propaganda stoking anachronous or imaginary black grievances — in which case they are even more foolish than I thought:

A high school teacher was left covered in blood last week after he was punched by a male student over a perceived racist remark.

The teacher at Forestville High in Maryland, who was not identified by officials but named as James Hemmen on social media, suffered minor injuries after being attacked by the teen.

The school characterized the incident last Thursday as a ‘misinterpretation of a comment’ during class but some students and parents said the teacher made a racially-insensitive remark.

Whatever the teacher said, whether it really was “insensitive” is subjective and irrelevant. According to liberal dogma, any lowly Caucasian who says something that a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation finds offensive is a thought criminal. Members of the top caste in the PC hierarchy are morally entitled to mete out whatever savage punishment they please.

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#2 RE: Black Student Punches White Teacher for Being Allegedly Insensitive by Cincinnatus 04.02.2015 17:08


Remember the white DC official got fired for using the word, "niggardly"?

"The nonimpeachment story of the last week of January was the controversy over the word "niggardly." David Howard, a white mayoral aide in Washington, D.C., used the word in conversation with a black official, who took offense because he felt that niggardly, which means miserly or cheap, was a racist term. Howard offered his resignation, which was accepted by Mayor Anthony Williams. The mayor explained that although Howard didn't say 'anything that was in itself racist,' using a word that could be misunderstood was like 'getting caught smoking in a refinery with a resulting explosion.'

"The resignation of Howard was, of course, a shock and a tragedy but it had a good result too. It sensitized us all to the hidden and hurtful ethnic slurs that darken–oops, sorry–that afflict American life and allow the wily perpetrators to get off scot free–er, without any punishment at all." (U.S. News, 02/08/99 edition, by John Leo)

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