#1 Harry Reid has surgery for pancreatic cancer by Cincinnatus 14.05.2018 16:15


He is one of the most unethical and dishonest politicians this country ever produced, but still I don't wish this on him.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer Monday, according to a statement from Reid's family.

"Today, Former Democratic Leader Harry Reid underwent surgery at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center to remove a tumor from his pancreas," the family's statement said. "His doctors caught the problem early during a routine screening and his surgeons are confident that the surgery was a success and that the prognosis for his recovery is good. He will undergo chemotherapy as the next step in his treatment. He is now out of surgery, in good spirits and resting with his family. He is grateful to his highly skilled team of doctors and to all who have sent and continue to send their love and support."


#2 RE: Harry Reid has surgery for pancreatic cancer by PzLdr 14.05.2018 18:20


You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. I still remember his lies on the Senate floor regarding Romney paying his taxes.

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