#1 Mark Levin: Is the presidential ambition of one family good for our republic? by Eglman 17.12.2014 14:21


Mark Levin raised the question last night as to whether the presidential ambitions of a single family like the Bush family is good for our republic, wherein a single family would control the White House for so many years.

Now he isn’t not talking from the perspective of party or political biases, though he concedes those are good discussions to have. But his point is about how our Republic is changing in ways that he argues is degrading our constitutional system.

Levin points out that we already have an ingrained ruling class in Washington DC on top of a vast bureaucracy and suggests that having one family at the highest level of government for so long is just more of the same. When we vote, he says, it is our opportunity to change things at the federal level, to shake things up.

Listen below:

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