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November 10, 2013
We Are the Majority
By Bruce Walker

Those familiar with my articles on the ideological demographics of the George Washington University Battleground Poll will not be surprised to read that the latest Battleground Poll, released in early November 2013, shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as "conservative" -- and that this self-identification dwarfs not only self-identified "liberals," but also "moderates" and "don't know."

The latest Battleground Poll shows that 56% of Americans call themselves "somewhat conservative" or "very conservative," while only 38% of Americans call themselves "somewhat liberal" or "very liberal." This huge conservative majority appears in virtually every Battleground Poll in this century, regardless of who is in the White House or how the nation is doing. These polls are recognized as the most accurate predictors of elections; they show all the internal questions and the demographics and have no axe to grind.

Moreover, every single Gallup Poll in this century shows that conservatives outnumber liberals in almost every state in our nation. Some of these Gallup Poll results, in fact, show that conservatives outnumber liberals in all of the fifty states, while some show that in Rhode Island, Vermont, or Massachusetts, liberals have a slight edge over conservatives.

It is not just Gallup or George Washington University, neither of which has any particular love for conservatives, that has made this finding. Survey USA, a compilation of local polls throughout the nation, shows extraordinarily high levels of conservative self-identification even in states or cities in which conservatives are considered pariah, if not outright extinct. Even very liberal polling organizations, overtly "progressive," like Public Policy Polling, show that conservatives clearly outnumber liberals in America.

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