#1 Obama Pivots To The Economy For The 21st Time… by Eglman 10.11.2013 12:14


It’s almost like he’s trying to change the subject as his health care law implodes.

Via Breitbart:

With his poll numbers dropping almost as fast as his credibility, President Obama has decided it is once again time to pivot his focus away from the disastrous ObamaCare rollout and towards his slightly less disastrous economic recovery. For the 21st time in just five years (which averages out to once every three months, the last time being less than two months ago), the White House announced Thursday that ”President Barack Obama will try to shift the national conversation to economic growth.”

The president is probably under the impression that a pivot is possible now that he hassort-of apologized to millions of Americans he lied to, on at least three dozen occasions, about being able to keep their insurance.

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