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Wall Street stocks fluctuated wildly all week due to revelations about social media sites selling user information. The investors don't like it. Facebook stock is falling so fast that when Mark Zuckerberg dropped off his clothes at the dry cleaners this morning, they made him pay in advance.

John McCain is set to release a memoir in May that promises to rip President Trump. You can imagine the numbers of TV interviews he'll do plugging the book. If the Viet Cong had ever made the mistake of getting between John McCain and a camera, we might have won the war unanimously.

The Hollywood Reporter says the premiere episode of Roseanne was a huge hit for ABC-TV Tuesday. Her success just added to a long year for Hollywood. Roseanne drew so many viewers that Saturday Night Live ordered Alec Baldwin to drop the Trump impression and start doing Pelosi.

President Trump wants Congress to move military money over to the border wall construction saying the wall is national defense. It's arguable. The cost of the border wall is twenty-one billion and NASA's space budget is only nineteen billion, probably because there are more aliens in Mexico.

President Trump enjoyed an Episcopal church service in Palm Beach on Easter. The president is no stranger to the Easter story. Every morning Trump gets crucified on CNN and then buried by MSNBC, then three hours later he's miraculously resurrected by Fox News, and he stays in office.

Congress is set to hold anti-trust hearings on the huge tech and social media companies which are consuming our daily lives. They provoke a lot of frustration. There'd have been a lot more Californians wounded at Tuesday's mass shooting at YouTube headquarters but the loading was slow.

The White House vowed to crack down on sanctuary cities in California Monday as California officials cited states' rights. This isn't new. Tensions over the issue of states' rights versus federal rights boiled over Friday when Jerry Brown revealed that he has a missile that can reach Fort Sumter.

Stormy Daniels' attorney appeared in court Friday to ask a U.S. judge if he may get President Trump in a private session to testify about their alleged affair. They want to get Trump alone in a room and then depose him. This sounds like the start of every Stormy Daniels movie ever made.

-- Argus Hamilton

(Thank you, Rev)

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