#1 What I Heard About Harry Reid (Rush Limbaugh) by truthkeeper 15.04.2015 16:38


This is just too good. Really, too too good. Hope it gets spread all over the web:

RUSH: Okay. Okay, so I'm the guy responsible for the story that Dingy Harry got beat up by the mob in his bathroom. Now, I did offer here that I don't think, the nature of his injuries was such that this wasn't a run-in with an exercise machine or the elastic band, whatever the story was. I did raise the specter that it did appear to me that Dingy Harry got beat up. I don't know by who, although I might now. Bottom line is, I might now know who did it. And I wasn't even gonna bring this up.

But here's Dingy Harry, who seems free and clear to go lie about Mitt Romney and his taxes, and then when asked about it after the fact, said, "Well, he didn't win, did he?" Meaning, "hey, my lie worked. Romney didn't win." So here's a guy who thinks that he can lie with impunity. And let's not forget Dingy Harry's role in this whole sordid phony soldier tale in which he attempted to have my syndication partner censor me, apologize for me, and basically impugn me and my character...


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