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Erwin Rommel is born on November 15th, 1891 in Wurtemberg. Germany. An avid bicyclist and skier in his youth, and an excellent student with a flair for mathematics, Rommel aspires to a career as an engineer at the Zeppolin Works, but is directed toward a career in the German Army by his father, a teacher.

Rommel serves in France initially, but is wounded. He is then assigned to the Wurtemburg ski/mountain battalion, attached to the German Army Alpine Corps. He serves in both Rumania and in Italy, where he plays a dominant role [as a Captain] in the battle of Caporetto. He captures Mt. Matajur, the key to the Italian defenses along with a number of Italian generals and some 9,000 prisoners. He is awarded the Pur Le Merite for his actions.

Rommel will go on to write two best selling books "Infanterie Greift An" ["On Infantry Attacks"], and Krieg Ohne Haas" ["War without Hate"], command a Panzer Division in France, a Panzer Korps in Africa, a Panzerarmee I n Africa, ans Army Group 'B' in Northern Italy and France. Rommel, the youngest Field Marshal in the German Army at the time of his promotion, held the Iron Cross, 1st and 2d class, the Pour Le Merite, the Knight's Cross with Swords and Oak Leaves, the Wounds Badge and the Tank Assault Badge.

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