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District Tries Bribing Students Into Eating Michelle’s Crummy Lunches

By Robert Gehl, November 12, 2014.

School districts are under the gun to force-feed students Michelle Obama’s new “healthier” lunches – or face fewer federal funds. So now they’re bribing them.

A district in Richmond, Missouri, sent out letter to parents telling them if their students ate the school-provided lunches, they would be given the opportunity to PAY ONE DOLLAR for ice cream every Friday, but students who brought their lunch from home would not be eligible.

The program was called “Frozen Friday.” The note read:

“We will not be offering this to the kids who bring their lunch from home because we are trying to get them to eat our school lunch, and to also help our school lunch program, which also helps our school district.”

Parents were outraged that their children – many of whom have food allergies or simply don’t want to eat the garbage at the schools – were excluded from the event.

Respond to the angry calls and letters, District Superintendent Mike Aytes said they would stop the program. He said it was intended to increase participation in school lunches, but was misguided.

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