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Yet another Obama legacy

Obama Ally Created "Prison-to-School" Pipeline Putting 2,000 Criminals into Broward Schools
March 21, 2018
Daniel Greenfield

The Parkland shootings may be another legacy of the most pro-crime administration in American history.

While President Trump talks about taking down drug dealers, Obama was pardoning huge numbers of them. Worse still, his DOJ and Department of Ed allies were putting policies into place that would make it hard for police departments, businesses and even schools to protect themselves.

The racialist left rants about an imaginary "school-to-prison pipeline" when students are held accountable for committing crimes. They replaced it with a "prison-to-school pipeline" for Broward.

At the same time the Broward County school system was dismantling the “school-to-prison pipeline” under policies that failed to stop accused shooter Nikolas Cruz, it was building another pipeline, funneling back into regular classrooms thousands of other potentially dangerous students released from local jails, county and school district records reveal.

Through a little-known “re-engagement" program for serious juvenile offenders, the Florida district has “transitioned" back to school almost 2,000 incarcerated students, a number comparable to student bodies at many high schools, according to district data obtained by RealClearInvestigations. Local probation officers warn that these offenders have a high risk of reoffending.

Another initiative, the Behavior Intervention Program, attempts to mainstream a smaller number of “students who exhibit severe, unmanageable behavior,” according to a 2017-2018 program handbook, including those who are “convicted of a serious crime such as rape, murder, attempted murder, sexual battery or firearm related [offense]."

The number of returning felons and other serious offenders has climbed each year since Broward Schools Supt. Robert Runcie, a close ally of President Obama, started the program in 2013 as part of his crusade to “end the school-to-prison pipeline,” which he says has disproportionately harmed young African-American men.

The next year, district officials worked with county prosecutors, probation officers and judges to release and return 325 incarcerated students to area schools. The number grew to 570 in the 2015 school year, before rising to 967 in 2016, the latest available figure provided to RCI by the district.

A Broward County schools spokeswoman declined to provide specific examples of crimes that had been committed by the returning offenders. But county juvenile court statistics show that Broward students between the ages of 10 and 17 arrested from 2014-2016 were charged with a range of serious crimes, including: murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, car theft, aggravated assault, battery, sex offenses, weapons violations, vandalism, drug charges and other felonies related to gang activity.

A little nightmarish peek into Obama's America.

If the left wants to talk about who has blood on their hands, look no further than Barack Obama and his pro-crime allies.


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