#1 Facebook suspends whistleblower's account after report by algernonpj 20.03.2018 09:22


We have a scapegoat.

Let's all focus on the Cambridge Analytica (and Trump) scandal and forget that Obama was hailed for being tech savy for doing the same thing during his campaign. Let the investigations commence

Facebook suspends whistleblower's account after report
Facebook says the suspension is due to reports Christopher Wylie's former employer allegedly held onto 50 million Facebook profiles' worth of information.

Data analyst Christopher Wylie says his personal Facebook account has been suspended following reports where he detailed how his former employer, Cambridge Analytica, allegedly used misappropriated Facebook user data to target people.

Wylie, who gave "whistleblower" reports published Saturday by The Observer and the New York Times detailing how 50 million Facebook profiles were affected, announced the suspension Sunday in a tweet.

Facebook said Sunday the suspension is the same as the one the company levied Friday against Cambridge Analytica and related parties such as Wylie for reportedly using private data that was collected by a personality quiz app. While users had to opt in to share their personal information with that app, they did not opt into having that information shared with Cambridge Analytica, a firm that worked on the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign.


Wylie's attorney, Tamsin Allen, told CNET sister site CBS News that Facebook "privately welcomed" his assistance on the issue before the suspension took place, which Facebook announced on Friday. However, Facebook says that Wylie is refusing to help with the issue until his suspension is lifted.


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