#1 Rick Perry now being accused of “intimidating” grand jury by Eglman 04.11.2014 10:19


In some ways you can kind of appreciate an all out, throw the kitchen sink at ‘em political attack. If you’re going to go down, you may as well go down swinging. That seems to be the current theory in Texas, where opponents of Governor Rick Perry have brought a case against him – seemingly for doing his job – which is in the hands of a grand jury. Now these same actors are crying foul and claiming that Perry is engaged in jury intimidation.

Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to be threatening to retaliate against grand jurors who indicted him for felony abuse-of-office and is misusing rules to try to toss out the charges before trial, a special prosecutor alleged.

“The defendant’s own words have instilled a concern for all persons who participated in the grand jury investigation,” Michael McCrum, Perry’s special prosecutor, said in a filing made public today, asking a state judge to deny the governor’s request for grand jury transcripts.

So what were “the defendant’s own words” which were inspiring such fear among the populace?

He held a press conference the day after his Aug. 15 indictment saying: “This farce of a prosecution will be revealed for what it is, and those responsible will be held accountable.”

I’m sorry. Er… what?

This is the jury intimidation? A comment which was made before the jury even got hold of it? And as for the persons “to be held accountable” you would need to be a serious babe in the woods to not understand that Perry was talking about the Democrats who cooked up this scheme in the first place. Also, even if you wanted to believe this tripe, you should at least acknowledge that Perry (evil mastermind that you make him out to be) is a seasoned, experienced politician. He of all people would know that any action which even hinted at actual jury tampering would not only put an end to his political aspirations, but could actually land him in the hoosegow.

Believe if you must that Perry – or all Republicans in general – are evil tyrants. But let’s not accuse him of being stupid. (At least not that stupid.) The Texas Democrats are rapidly turning into a circus sideshow which is becoming painful to watch.


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