#1 Obama: The Most Dangerous of Morons by Eglman 07.11.2013 12:39


There have been bad presidents -- see Jimmy Carter. Yet has there ever been a president as staggeringly incompetent as Barack Obama? Really, can there be any other explanation for his performance as president than the man is, well...a moron?

Let's face it, we all know them. They are the people who either started out with money, or have spent a lifetime failing up. Despite a distinct lack of accomplishment, personal or professionally, they believe they are the smartest person in every room. They cannot utter a sentence that does not include "I," "me," and "my," and they never stop speaking. To quote Alice Roosevelt, they are "the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening."

They seem to Forrest Gump their way through life, with one undeserved success after another.

Does this remind you of anyone?

Have you ever noticed how many of these "really smart" people there are in government? It's a magnet for morons, and it seems every damn one of them is portrayed by the media as a genius in his own right. Yet, they never seem to be able to do anything but make things worse, and usually much worse.

These are America's morons and Barry is their leader.

Obama has strange tastes. His favorite show is Homeland. He's proud to tell people this, and don't get me wrong, I like the show myself -- as a work of fiction. Then again, I'm not the President of the United States of America. In that case, the bar should be set higher.

A president who brags about liking a show where one of the lead characters assassinated the Vice President of the United States is not one to be taken seriously as president, or as anything.

One more time for emphasis, the President of the United States willingly tells people his favorite show is one in which the Vice President was assassinated.

What is this guy, a moron?

The answer is yes, he is a moron, and worse, he is the most dangerous of morons, one who doesn't think he is a moron.


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#2 RE: Obama: The Most Dangerous of Morons by algernonpj 08.11.2013 10:18


The author wrote this article ignores Obama's goal of 'fundamentally transforming the US'. If you look at his actions from that perspective Obama has been tremendously successful.

While Obama may not have 'book smarts' or 'running a business smarts' or 'creating wealth' smarts, he is a dedicated marxist who has great 'community organizer smarts' and is been surrounded by those who are creating that transformation. Being a malignant narcissist and habitually liar are only assets in achieving his goals. After all, in Obama's world view, the end justifies the means and ethics are all relative.

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