#1 Florida Business Owner Ordered to Remove American Flag, Community Responds in an Incredible Way by Cincinnatus 17.10.2014 19:17


Someone complained? So? Stupid politicians.

"Jeff Verzi is an employee at Family Hardware in Cape Coral, Florida. With 6 family member serving in the military, Verzi wanted to honor each of them with an American flag. So, he put six flags out in front of the property in their honor. That’s when the trouble began.

An anonymous person complained about the flags and the city ordered the flags to be removed stating they were in violation of a rule that prohibits banners in the right of way. Verzi refused to do so and his boss, Eric Stange, supported his decision. Stange said, “It’s all about the veterans.” It appears that the community agreed and, in support of Verzi and our veterans, they staged their own protest of sorts against the cities’ demand for the removal of the flags.

Members of the community began posting flags Monday morning from Country Club to Coronado in downtown Cape Coral. In total, more than 500 flags were lined up along the street.

The city took heed of the community outpouring and said that no further action will be taken. However, Verzi said he will be attending the next city council meeting to explore getting the ordinance changed. Veterans from the American Legion have said they will accompany him to the meeting in full uniform."


Complain about this, ya little peckerhead.

#2 RE: Florida Business Owner Ordered to Remove American Flag, Community Responds in an Incredible Way by ThirstyMan 17.10.2014 21:42


At least the bad guys aren't winning all the battles. Perhaps it is too late for Eric Holder to get involved too. So this is good for America.

Now on to supporting those persecuted college students who were told they couldn't hand out the Constitution to passersby on campus, because they were not in the designated "free public speech zone".


Good for them for standing up against the tyranny of the offended silent anonymous one who complained, another one of those future brown shirt "little peckerheads".

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