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Frieden ought to put his money where his mouth is.

Frieden: More Protective Gear for Health Care Workers 'Not Always Better'
October 15, 2014 - 8:36 AM
By Susan Jones

(CNSNews.com) - "We're always looking at ways that we can better protect Americans," CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden told Fox News's Megyn Kelly on Tuesday.

But that does not include banning travel to and from West Africa, where Ebola is epidemic, he said. Nor does it include more layers of protective clothing for health care workers.

"You would go into a highly infectious patient's room without covering your head, with only wearing one pair of gloves and with your feet exposed, you would do that?" Kelly asked Frieden.

Absolutely," Frieden replied. "More is not always better. Better is better. Sometimes you put on more layers, it's harder to put on, harder to take off, you increase your risk of exposure. That's what the science tells us."

Kelly told Frieden that she's looked at the CDC website --"and it says you are only supposed to wear one pair of gloves. And it says, you don't have to cover your head, you know, head gear, head cover, and you don't have to cover your feet. Now, wouldn't you admit that that is insufficient?"

"No," Frieden said. "We know how Ebola spreads. It spreads by direct contact. And you know, sometimes more isn't better. You put on more layers, you put on more things, they're harder to get on. They're harder to get off."

"Really?" Kelly asked.

"Yes, really," Frieden said.


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