#1 DSCC Goes Dark in Kentucky by Cincinnatus 15.10.2014 02:00


"The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has gone dark in Kentucky, where the party is targeting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

After a significant investment in support of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, the DSCC had not reserved time for the final three weeks of the race and, as of today, is no longer on the air.

“The DSCC has now spent more than 2 million in Kentucky and continues to make targeted investments in the ground game while monitoring the race for future investments, but is currently not on the air in the state,” a DSCC official told CQ Roll Call.

McConnell has held small but consistent leads in nearly every recent public poll."


I wonder about this. Is Grimes being punished by the WH for her anti-Obama, pro-Clinton comments? The ostensible reason for the funds embargo is "the DSCC’s independent expenditure unit may see a better opportunity in Georgia...", and maybe that's true. But as the article notes McConnell holds only a small lead over Grimes and even Conservatives are not all that fond of him. Grimes, though, has been so critical of Obama she won't even admit she voted for him.

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