#1 Cry Me A Rio Grande! WAPO’s Bezos Imposes Cheap Labor Regime on Open Borders WASHINGTON POST by algernonpj 27.09.2014 13:22


Cry Me A Rio Grande! WAPO’s Bezos Imposes Cheap Labor Regime on Open Borders WASHINGTON POST
By Donald A. Collins on September 25, 2014, 8:06 pm

Employees at The Washington Post are finally getting a taste of what they are trying to impose on American workers, as new owner Jeff Bezos is imposing a cheap labor regime on Washington’s leading newspaper by cutting pensions. It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

WaPo is a longstanding supporter of mass immigration and infuriatingly resistant to making any connection between American poverty and the deliberate importation of millions of workers from the Third World. It’s therefore a time for Schadenfreude now that the policy consequences of open borders and globalization are biting back.

The Washington Post announced large cuts in retirement benefits on Tuesday, declaring that it would eliminate future retirement medical benefits and freeze defined-benefit pensions for nonunion employees.

The company also said that in negotiations that started Tuesday, it will seek to impose the same conditions on employees covered by the union — one of the first indications of how The Post’s new owner, Amazon.com founder Jeffrey P. Bezos, will manage relations with the staff of the news organization.

[Washington Post announces cuts to employees’ retirement benefits, by Steven Mufson, Washington Post, September 24, 2014]

These pensions were promised to employees before Jeff Bezos purchased the paper. One could even call fulfilling these pensions a moral obligation. And employees hired before 2009 who planned on receiving these pensions are left utterly in the cold, perhaps only grateful that they were not terminated outright


And for WaPo employees, every indication is that the worst is yet to come.

But this precisely what is happening to our country. The costs of mass immigration are not shared, but simply dumped on American workers. And as low-skilled mass immigration and globalization turns our economy into one giant race to the bottom, what is happening at the Washington Post will be common practice at every company around the country.



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