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World's first 3-D printed car takes test drive
Creator hopes printed cars will be on city streets starting in 2015
By Sean Lewis
Published 9:10 AM EDT Sep 16, 2014

CHICAGO (WGN) —In a matter of two days, history was made at Chicago's McCormick Place, as the world's first 3-D printed electric car -- named Strati, Italian for "layers"-- took its first test drive.

"Less than 50 parts are in this car," said Jay Rogers from Local Motors.

Roger's company is part of the team that developed the engineering process to manufacture an entire car with carbon fiber plastic and print it with a large 3-D printer set up at McCormick Place by Cincinnati Incorporated.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory also collaborated on the concept that could bring custom printed cars to the marketplace by 2015.

"You could think of it like Ikea, mashed up with Build-A-Bear, mashed up with Formula One," Rogers said.

The concept of Strati began just six months ago, before being brought to the showroom floor of the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Attendees got a firsthand look at the body of the car being printed layer by layer over a 44-hour period. Then, the non-printable parts, like the engine, lights and glass windshield, were added.

The top speed of the Strati is 40 mph and a it goes a range of 120 miles on one charge.


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