#1 House to Take Up 'Keep Your Health Plan Act' by Rev 29.10.2013 14:17


House to Take Up 'Keep Your Health Plan Act'

7:27 AM, Oct 29, 2013

Last night, Fred Upton, the Republican chairman of the of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, introduced the "Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013." The goal is simple: To allow people who like their health care plans to keep them for the next year under Obamacare.

"To authorize health insurance issuers to continue to offer for sale current individual health insurance coverage in satisfaction of the minimum es- sential health insurance coverage requirement, and for other purposes," the official summary of the bill reads.

The bill's number is H.R. 3350, and I'm told that House Republicans will be able to "move this."

A similar proposal has been supported by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

And here's the entire text of the legislation Upton introduced last night:

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#2 RE: House to Take Up 'Keep Your Health Plan Act' by algernonpj 29.10.2013 18:06


While this is a nice thought, in reality it's a day late and a dollar short. It would have been much better for the house to refuse to fund ObamaCare while hammering away at the fact they were funding everything except ObamaCare. Once a big government program begins, like a aggressive weed,it puts down tap roots and runners and never goes away.

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