#1 Bush’s Attorney General John Ashcroft Spurns Democratic Peace Theory by Eglman 10.09.2014 19:40


Former Attorney General John Ashcroft threw a core principle of Bush-era foreign policy under the bus Tuesday night, when he said that democracy is not the core American value, liberty is.

Speaking to a packed house at the first night of the inaugural In Defense of Christians summit in Washington, D.C., Ashcroft said that “I sometimes think that in the U.S. we have misplaced our core values,” particularly when it comes to foreign policy. “We seem to think democracy is the ultimate value… It’s not the ultimate value. Liberty is, the value with which God endowed us at creation.”


Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/09/10/bushs-.../#ixzz3CxX0zIkw

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