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September 2, 2014
No Uncle Toms on the Left
By Kevin Jackson

In my recent appearances on TV to discuss the Michael Brown shooting, I sympathized with the Brown family's loss of a loved one. No family should feel that loss.

But the fact is black families feel this loss disproportionately, mostly at the hands of people who look like us.

I balanced my comments on Brown's death with an understanding the plight of the police officer involved. Officer Darren Wilson is a person too. He has a family, a wife and a child. And unless the man is a psychopath, I'm sure he anguishes over this incident.

In my analysis, I didn’t rush to judgment; just thoughtful opinion about both sides of the story. For saying this, I was called an Uncle Tom by many, and even received more than my normal share of death threats.

proudly accept being called an Uncle Tom.

I came from poverty, growing up in a black neighborhood. I understand how cops were used as tools of government to oppress black people. However, as a student of history I'm smart enough to know that Democrats were and still are to blame.

For my knowledge of the depravity of Democrats, I was deemed a "coon-ass N*igga" by black Liberals, specifically a guy who supposedly was part of the New Black Panther Party, the authority on blackness.

The narrative had been established that Michael Brown didn't deserve to die...for any reason; at least not at the hands of a cop.

Ironically, if Brown had been killed by a gang-banger or from "beefin'" with some hoodrat, all would be normal in the hood.

In the "death by cop" scenario, however, Michael Brown was not to put in a negative light under any circumstances. Because in that scenario, the bigger issue is police brutality and the militarization of police. Those were the marching orders of the Left politburo.

Black Liberals readily accept the false idols; the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), all of whom have led black people into a state of purposeful anger with nothing to show for it.

I ask the NBPP knuckledragger who wants me dead,

“How many black children have YOU helped?”

Has the NBPP got any black children adopted?

Has the NBPP helped any black children get into get into college?

Of course they haven’t. Because actually accomplishing good in the black community is not part of their mission.

This reptilian-brain behavior in black Liberals is taught by bourgeois white Liberals who are out for what they can get, and they have taught this strategy to blacks up and down the food chain.

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