#1 What the United Nations Doesn’t Want You to Know by Rev 01.09.2014 12:46


What the United Nations Doesn’t Want You to Know

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 @ 03:05 by Brent P.

By: Brent Parrish

My friend Lt. Robert Powell from the Pacific Freedom Foundation recently emailed me about a new PowerPoint presentation he put together (compiled and written by Irving Baxter Jr.) on the murky origins of the United Nations. This is also a subject matter I’ve delved into quite deeply myself. Powell’s slides offer the history in manageable chunks, and I’ve converted the slides into web-ready images. Please feel free to share this information with others (with proper citations, of course).

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Don't forget that US troops fought under the authority of the United Nations during the Korean War, not the United States; a war which ended in a stalemate or essentially a victory for Communist China. Also after MacArthur began to withhold information from the Soviet Under Secretary of Political and Security Council Affairs (above), due to his concerns of how the NKs and Chinese seemed to know in advance his plans, he was relieved of his command by that cretin Truman.

I know Truman, whom I loathe, is given credit for being an effective and strong President during his time. But I regard him as one of our worst, ranking right up there with Wilson, FDR, Johnson, and now the completely inept Obama. It was during his reign the Soviet hegemony over Eastern Europe was solidified (Potsdam), the New Deal, designed to overcome the Depression, was totally consolidated, and investigations into the deep Communist penetration of our government were thwarted.

At one time Truman spoke of such an investigation, Communists in our government, as a "red herring". The investigation he was speaking of was the investigation into the background and activities of Alger Hiss.

#3 RE: What the United Nations Doesn’t Want You to Know by Sanguine 01.09.2014 19:15

Interesting. Thanks, Rev.

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