#1 Family Angry After It Says Airline Lost Aging Mother by Cincinnatus 27.08.2014 02:28


Angry, is it? I would have been in a rage bordering on homicidal. For total screw up this story simply takes the cake.

"DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver family is angry at an airline they say lost their diabetic and slightly forgetful mother.

The airline, Southwest, admits it could have handled the situation better.

The recent trip to the East Coast for Alice Vaticano, 85, to visit her daughter turned into a bit of a marathon.

She says her daughter took her to the Newark Airport, where a skycap promised to wheel her directly to her gate. Her daughter didn’t obtain clearance to go to the concourse with her.

But somehow Vaticano got parked and forgotten.

“She pushed me there and left me,” Vaticano said. “I was just sitting all day in a wheelchair.”

She missed her flight, and her other daughter in Denver went into panic mode when she didn’t see her mom getting off the plane at Denver International Airport.

“What did you think was going to happen to you?” CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll asked Vaticano.

“That I would sit in Newark forever,” Vaticano replied.

Vaticano said angrily that she “didn’t even know where she was.” She also wasn’t provided any food."

Don't think for one moment that Southwest didn't recognize its colossal blunder and do all that it could to make amends.

"Southwest gave her two $100 vouchers for future travel."


I tell you what if this had been my elderly mother and they have given her 2 lousy vouchers for future travel, some Southwest exec would now be wandering the Denver airport with both of them shoved up his...

#2 RE: Family Angry After It Says Airline Lost Aging Mother by Frank Cannon 27.08.2014 09:00


I don't see why you are so wound up Cinc. There is no way in hell I would ever dream of dumping off my infirm relative or a child to the care of the airlines. If you haven't been on a plane lately, they are just one very small step up from taking a cross town bus in a medium sized city anymore. Shitty, lazy employees that have little care for anything.

#3 RE: Family Angry After It Says Airline Lost Aging Mother by FWP 27.08.2014 18:58


Haven't let my Mom travel alone on an airplane for over a decade at this point.... too damn risky......


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