#1 REPORT: Marion Barry accumulated over $2,800 in parking fines over last 2 years by Cincinnatus 24.08.2014 16:00


One rule for thee, quite another for me.

"FOX 5 has learned more about Marion Barry's driving record since it was put into the spotlight after an accident over the weekend.

It appears the former mayor and current council member owes the city quite a sum in parking violations.

After the accident, Barry admitted he went the wrong way on Pennsylvania Avenue.

He says the crash was the result of a diabetic attack and his low blood sugar made him disoriented.

At the time, Barry was cited by D.C. Police for driving on the wrong side of the street and for operating an unregistered vehicle without proof of insurance.

However, it seems Barry's troubles are deeper than that. The Washington Post reports that it looked into Barry's records on the D.C. DMV website.

It showed that Barry has racked up 21 parking tickets in the past two years.

Those tickets add up to $2,824 in fines. The Post asked the Department of Public Works why Barry's car has never been booted or towed since regulations call for that action after two or more unpaid tickets more than 60 days old.

A spokesperson for the DPW told the Post that the tickets on Barry's car were written in the overnight hours when boot crews are not on duty."


#2 RE: REPORT: Marion Barry accumulated over $2,800 in parking fines over last 2 years by PzLdr 24.08.2014 16:40


Poor Marion. Still having trouble with white lines...

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