#1 White House betting ’14 midterm elections on economic patriotism by Eglman 18.08.2014 07:21


The White House is seeking to amp up the Democratic base this fall by criticizing corporations for abandoning the United States to lower their tax bill.

It’s a return to economic populism months for a White House that has repeatedly flirted with the theme, but sometimes been distracted by other pressing domestic and international affairs.

Democrats believe the issue could help their party hold on to its majority in the Senate, which Republicans are hoping to take over.

“Let’s rally around an economic patriotism that says, instead of giving more tax breaks to millionaires, let’s give tax breaks to working families to help pay for child care or college,” the president said during a speech in Texas last month. “Instead of protecting tax loopholes that let corporations keep their profits overseas, let’s put some of that money to work right here in the United States rebuilding America.”

Democrats see the tax issue as a political winner that allows President Obama to side with middle class taxpayers and against corporate executives who can be painted as disloyal and unpatriotic. They think it will be difficult for Republicans to defend the practice.


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