#1 Dershowitz: ‘Mueller Is Going Well Beyond His Authority as a Prosecutor’ by algernonpj 24.11.2017 12:48


I posted this because I found Dershowitz's statement about prosecuting Hillart very interesting.

Dershowitz: ‘Mueller Is Going Well Beyond His Authority as a Prosecutor’
by Ian Hanchett23 Nov 2017695

On Monday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz reacted to Special Counsel Robert Mueller ordering the Department of Justice to turn over emails regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal and FBI Director James Comey’s firing by stating Mueller is going “well beyond” his prosecutorial authority.

Dershowitz said, “Mueller is going well beyond his authority as a prosecutor, and is trying to make a case that the president might have engaged in obstruction of justice by engaging in constitutionally protected acts. The president is entitled to fire the head of the FBI. The president’s entitled to direct his attorney general who to investigate and who not to. That’s what the law has been since Thomas Jefferson directed his attorney general to go after Aaron Burr.”

Dershowitz also argued there shouldn’t be any legal investigations into Hillary Clinton.


I found Dershowitz's reason for not prosecuting Hillary very interesting. Per Dershowitz federal criminal law requires proving quid pro quo unlike Israel's law that makes it criminal to give anything to someone who is in a position to so you favors.

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