#1 Greenfield: Why the Left Hates Thanksgiving by ThirstyMan 23.11.2017 21:35


Gratitude has become a partisan issue.

Senator Schumer wants to argue about tax reform at Thanksgiving dinner. And he has a handy chart for lefties to take along and wave at their more conservative relatives while screeching about the 1 percent. In an article titled, “The Case for Ruining Thanksgiving,” GQ Magazine urges its readers to punish their parents who voted for Trump by staying away, insulting them or ranting about police brutality.

The Scientific American wants readers to push Global Warming over mashed potatoes. The organizers of the Women’s March want you to accuse your uncle of having “white privilege.” Desperate lefties can text Standing Up for Racial Justice at the dinner table and get anti-Trump talking points. “You Should Absolutely Fight About Politics With Your Relatives This Thanksgiving,” Quartz insists.

And then it just gets worse.

"Thanksgiving: The annual genocide whitewash," declares Al Jazeera. "The Thanksgiving Day story represents the violence of colonialism," fumes Bustle. Retelling the story of Thanksgiving, pardoning a turkey and watching football are all "offensive, racist, or just plain problematic". And if Thanksgiving with lefties wasn’t miserable enough, the Village Voice offers 5 politically correct television episodes to inflict on your "terrible aunt or insufferable uncle" who don’t want to admit they voted for Trump.

There’s plenty of spite. What’s missing from leftist Thanksgiving is… thankfulness.

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, asked the press corps to state what they were grateful for, a collective howl went up from the media. “How Sarah Sanders Humiliated the Press,” wept a CNN editorial. The New Yorker railed against, “The Degrading Ritual of Sarah Huckabee Sanders's Pre-Thanksgiving Briefing.” Asking lefties to be grateful is humiliating and degrading.

Just ask LaVar Ball, who has spent days reveling in his refusal to say, “Thank you.” And the media, which believes that gratitude is humiliating and degrading, has been cheering on his ingratitude.

It’s Thanksgiving 2017. And gratitude has become a partisan issue.

Why is it so hard for the left to be thankful? The answer is as easy as pumpkin pie. The left is a movement built on resentment. And resentment and gratitude are opposing emotions.

That is why the left really hates Thanksgiving.

The revisionist autopsies of American history and the guides to sensitively calling your uncle a racist are about substituting resentment for thankfulness. Whether it’s a family getting together once a year, the Pilgrims and the Indian tribesmen breaking bread or the White House press corps being asked to talk about the good things in their lives, a moment of thankfulness has to be ruined with resentment.

Resentment is the force that gives the left meaning.

What animates the left is the conviction that everything (except their own tastes, preferences and opinions) is terrible and must be reformed until it too is like them. America is racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, arachnophobic and claustrophobic. Every second the prison-industrial complex is gunning down drug dealers for no other reason than the color of their skin (and the guns in their hands), the military-industrial complex is bombing countries full of terrorists just because of the color of their skin, and the turkey-industrial complex is destroying the environment.

The militant lefty is an overgrown brat who never made the emotional transition from the funk of total unfairness that teenagers inhabit to the appreciation for life of the mature adult. Picking a fight at the Thanksgiving table is exactly the sort of thing a teenage brat would do. That’s why there are a dozen guides telling lefties exactly how to pick an unwinnable fight whose only purpose is to ruin a meal.

The family argument isn’t an unfortunate side effect of leftist politics. It’s the whole point.

Resentment doesn’t just color the politics of a militant leftist. It encompasses his entire outlook on life. The personal conviction that the world is an unfair place fits neatly into an ideology that claims to be able to prove using science and history that the world is a truly unfair place.

That is why the best antidote to leftist resentment is conservative thankfulness.

There are plenty of problems in our country and the world. But if we can’t stop to be thankful for the good things, we will sink into the same swamp of resentment as the left.

To be thankful is to be reminded of what we are fighting for. The resentful left doesn’t really fight for anything. Its resentful causes have no end point. There will never be a time when race relations, the environment, social mobility and caloric intakes are good enough for them to hang up their hats. The left maintains a perpetual state of crisis because it justifies a perpetual state of resentment.

The left isn’t actually fighting for anything. It’s fighting against things. Big things and little things. It’s fighting against America. And it’s fighting against families sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.

Conservatives fight for the things in our lives that we value. And these are the very things that we are thankful for. Our gratitude reminds us of what we want to conserve. These include the tangible things, our families, our homes and our lives, and the intangible things, our freedoms and our traditions.

The left can’t be thankful because it can’t admit that there’s anything worth appreciating. Revolutionary movements don’t create, they destroy. But we can and should be thankful for what we conserve.

Thankfulness is not just a passive act. It’s a moving and transformative experience that changes us.

Choosing between gratitude and resentment is a fundamental personal and political choice. It defines how we respond to the challenges and blessings of life. And it shapes how we view our country.

Thanksgiving is the tradition of an optimistic and humble people. That is who Americans are.

The War on Thanksgiving is the campaign of a hostile leftist movement that is pessimistic and arrogant. Ruining Thanksgiving is its mission. And it isn’t out to win an argument, but to ruin an America tradition.

If we lose our ability to be thankful for the good things in our lives, we lose everything.

We can win by refusing to let the left’s resentment ruin Thanksgiving. We can win by remembering that Thanksgiving is not just an occasion, but a tradition whose attitudes give us strength and meaning. We can win by finding the power to live our lives better through gratitude rather than resentment.

We can win, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders did, by countering resentment with thankfulness.


Lefties hold nothing more sacred than their ideology, not family, not God, not relationships...nothing.

They're such miserable people once they've given themselves over to their chains.

#2 RE: Greenfield: Why the Left Hates Thanksgiving by ThirstyMan 23.11.2017 22:36


Here's one more example of how Lefties put it all on the line. Their ideology is their god. Nothing is more sacred. Today I was the "conservative uncle" and quite proud of it!!! Thanks Donald Trump for making us proud!!! TM

Thanksgiving editorial preps students for 'conservative uncle'

-- The University of Florida’s student newspaper has some advice for students on dealing with questions from their metaphorical “conservative uncle” over Thanksgiving: Just accuse Rasputin of groping nuns.
-- Predicting that conservative family members will have critical questions about the "liberal Kool-Aid" on college campuses, the editorial argues that "every awkward conversation can become a teaching moment."
-- The paper says questions about having a girlfriend/boyfriend, for instance, should be met with a lecture about "the myth of the gender binary," but advises using Rasputin to deflect more difficult conversations.

The University of Florida’s student newspaper has some advice for students on dealing with questions from their metaphorical “conservative uncle” over Thanksgiving.

In addition to the normal questions about schoolwork and life on campus, The Independent Florida Alligator predicts family members will also ask those who have been away at college whether the “liberal Kool-Aid” has “brainwashed you into committing moral suicide yet.”

When such topics come up, the paper advises that students simply deflect them with a non sequitur, such as accusing Rasputin of sexual assault.

“You know your family is going to bring up the recent sexual allegations against literally every man who has ever breathed air,” the editorial notes. “If they try to defend any of those men—like Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, or Kevin Spacey—remind them Rasputin probably groped a nun or something, too.”

The editorial also suggests that students “explain to your conservative uncle exactly how dire seuxal [sic] assault is and how prevalent it is on college campuses” if the uncle attempts to stick up for those prominent liberals, reminding them that “every awkward conversation can become a teaching moment.”

The editors also anticipate that family members are “without a doubt going to ask about Richard Spencer,” the white supremacist agitator who recently generated national controversy by delivering a speech on UF’s campus, where he was met by protesters and opposed by student organizations such as the Alligator.

When asked why students are “giving him all this attention” rather than “just leave him alone and let him speak to no one,” as the school’s president advised, the editors urge students to recite a “brief dialogue” they concocted to defuse the conversation.

When asked why they didn’t simply ignore Spencer, students are instructed to respond that “Rasputin may or may not have groped a nun.” If family members press the matter further, the editorial suggests telling them that “More recent historians argue Rasputin’s allegations are blown out of proportion, that many of them are rumors propagated by contemporary Russian nobles. But he still probably maybe groped that nun that one time.”

Answering the question of whether they “have a boyfriend/ girlfriend yet” is much easier, the editorial maintains, saying students have only to explain why the very question betrays an uninformed perspective.

“First, you explain to them the myth of the gender binary, then you explain the different types of sexuality and how they can manifest,” the paper explains. “Let them know not everyone is looking for a healthy relationship all the time and cite, for example, the chances are good that Rasputin groped a nun at some point during his time in the Russian court.”

When it comes to their opinions on President Trump, however, the Alligator advises students to resist the temptation to “rattle off every single thing wrong with his presidency and his face,” saying it is better to keep discussion of that topic as brief as possible.

“It’s not worth the debate, and if you dig yourself a hole you’re not getting out,” the editorial warns. “Just state the facts—that it’s speculated that Rasputin more likely than not groped a nun—and move on.”


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Dang!!! here's a THIRD example of the Left trying to ruin Thanksgiving... TM

GQ: Ruin Thanksgiving for Trump Supporters

"This Turkey Day, consider making life HELL for a few of your relatives."

As I've noted numerous times here at TruthRevolt, GQ magazine is arguably the most political non-political mag on the newsstands. Ostensibly a men's fashion magazine, it is run by gay leftist Jim Nelson, who is responsible for the radicalization of the mag and for the self-parodic video series "The Resistance" from unhinged loser Keith Olbermann. The latest hateful, politicized screed from GQ is an article by Joe Berkowitz, who urges readers, "This Turkey Day, consider making life HELL for a few of your relatives."

"[I]t’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving—for America!" he continues. "This year, if you’re headed home to a household that still thinks a sex-offending game show host in rapid cognitive decline was the best choice for a president, it is your civic duty to filibuster Thanksgiving."

Spoken like a true leftist. Presumably this article is intended to have a humorous tone, if you find hateful bigotry against conservatives to be humorous, but GQ is very serious about the sentiment.

If you regularly enjoy GQ -- meaning you think Keith Olbermann is genuinely hilarious and insightful, you're averse to facts and maturity, you enjoy fawning profiles of smug jerks like George Clooney and Colin Kaepernick, and you have a penchant for fashion layouts of metrosexual hipsters -- you'll love this article.

Here are Berkowitz's "suggestions for how to ruin Thanksgiving, arranged by ascending order of righteous fury":

"Don’t show up." This sounds like the best idea for all concerned, but since leftists can never let anything political go, they're unlikely to go with this option.

"Show up and be kind of an asshole. No hugs; only stiff, formal handshakes. During the football game, talk about police brutality nonstop." Since being "kind of an asshole" is the default state of GQ readers and staff, this option should be easy.

"Scorched Earth. Not even a handshake; just stare, disgustedly, at their outstretched arms. Build a wall out of mashed potatoes." And on and on. It must be terribly sad to live this way.

"Having a son or daughter loathe everything you’ve become is easier long distance," he concludes. "[I]t’s another thing when that kid is staring turkey-carving daggers at you from across the table." Berkowitz seems to think that parents are somehow going to be shamed by college-aged kids who have no life experience, political understanding, or grasp of reality, and who are likely still living at home anyway. Not gonna happen.

Berkowitz and GQ can stew in their sour grapes if they like, but their juvenile bitterness won't ruin Thanksgiving for Trump supporters, who are more grateful than usual this year. After all, Hillary isn't President.


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