#1 The time to rid our nation of the Communist plague is now! by Rev 29.07.2014 16:01


The time to rid our nation of the Communist plague is now!

By Obie Usategui July 29, 2014

Never before in the history of our nation have Americans been subjected to such an unrelenting streak of disgraceful and antithetical controversies, political havoc and chaos such as that we have endured under the Barack Obama administration. Never before in the history of the nation, has there been such divisiveness amongst the classes, the races and the peoples in general, such as what we now see under an Obama reign plagued with discord, envy, resentment, and anger like never before seen in this noble land.

The metamorphosis of the United States of America in the last six years, simply said, is just unheard of; out-of-control - a testament to one man’s pre-election commitment to“fundamentally transforming” the nation, made on October 18, 2008. As every new day dawns, Americans wake up to yet new scandals, both at home and abroad. From Benghazi to Afghanistan, to Libya, to Egypt, to North Korea and Iran’s defiant built-up of their nuclear programs; to a dejected Benjamin Netanyahu waging war against the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas - Palestine’s terrorist protégé, preempted from a back-up commitment of its foremost ally, the United States of America; to Russia’s President and KGB’s favorite son Vladimir Putin’s all-out effort to regain the Soviet’s might and sovereignty over the Ukraine and other former satellite states of the pre cold-war era; to a downed Malaysian plane carrying 23 Americans shot by Russian supplied missiles to insurgent Ukrainian separatist forces.

From a nation now indebted by 17 trillion dollars to a downtrodden healthcare system now adhering to a law inconspicuously concealed from mainstream Americans; to a disparaged V.A. Administration, ultimately responsible for the death of an unknown number of war-veterans. From an unmanageable mass exodus south of the border to femme-fatale IRS’s Lois Lerner infamous coverup of the agency’s attempts to hinder certain organizations’ futile attempts to gaining tax exempt gratifications solely based on their political views and preferences… the nation’s chaotic turmoil is, simply said, irrepressibly out of control.

All the while, at center-stage of the dismantlement is none other than our clownish President, Barack Obama, given fully to priorities such as staging fund-raising “photo-ops”. And, yes, all the while, as mainstream Americans derisively disengage themselves from politics altogether as they have for the most part of the last decades, hence, emboldening the mayhem culprits to continue doing as they please. This is, mind you, the same cadre of Americans that elected this man to be our president in 2008 and then again, in 2012.

Beware, if you will, of allowing ourselves to continue looking upon this universe of American separatists as merely naive, incredulous, disbelieving, skeptical, doubtful, or unconvinced, as they are not. They were, for such time as the rest of us, succumbed to a Freudian spell of romantic acceptance, which had us believing they meant no harm whatsoever, but the truth is, they did. They harbored the same resentments and envies, such as those harbored by their President Barack Obama; the same as those relied upon by Karl Marx’s and Friedrich Engels’ in their Communist Manifesto of 1848 while rallying support for a world-wide revolution of the workers of the world.

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