#1 Rand Paul Veers Off Party Line by ThirstyMan 24.07.2014 16:33


By Beth Reinhard

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s resistance to military intervention abroad is likely to be viewed as his biggest break from Republican tradition if he seeks his party’s nomination in 2016.
But Mr. Paul is also challenging his own party by increasingly embracing issues dear to the African-American voters who have overwhelmingly rejected the GOP for decades.

Mr. Paul is championing the restoration of voting rights to felons, wants to ease sentencing of nonviolent drug offenders and says he disagrees with Republican-led efforts in several states to curtail early voting and require voters to show photo ID at the polls.

Say no more, this guy is an idiot!

My wife went to the Dr the other day and they asked for a picture ID. To expect less for the Right to Vote is asenine! especially for a Republican!

TM's #1 candidate so far? Dr. Ben

Dr. Carson is known for speaking openly about his opposition to President Obama and his pet project, Obamacare, calling Obama “unfit for office.” As a recent victim of Obama’s IRS, he believes Obama to be using the IRS as his modern-day “Gestapo.” And that’s just a glimpse at the wide variety of politically-related subjects he has addressed.

Everything Dr. Carson has to say is far from being politically correct. Yet, perhaps he has found favor in the eyes of his fans because they find his honesty refreshing, and it is likely why many are encouraging him to run in the 2016 election

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/ben-car...CVQaluWAVoBj.99

#2 RE: Rand Paul Veers Off Party Line by Sanguine 24.07.2014 20:22

Yep, like his dad, and even more so.

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